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Isle of Man TT Archives

Isle of Man TT Archives
This is the onboard video of my pillion lap with TT legend Phillip McCallen at this year's Isle of Man TT.
Honda Racing legend Phillip gave me a once-in-a-lifetime treat on closed roads, just ahead of the first superbike race,Isabel Marant Sneaker, as part of Honda's commemoration of 50 years of racing on the island.
Read all about the experience here, but if you just want to get a good idea of what's involved in tackling the most extraordinary motorbike circuit in the world - all 37.73 miles of it - then watch the videos below.
The wind noise is a bit much, so keep the volume low.
Incidentally, the footage was captured on a two hundred quid piece of kit from VholdR. The camera was gaffer-taped to the fairing of the Fireblade about eighteen inches from the ground.
I think it works pretty well - many thanks to Fiona Cole from Honda for fixing that (oh, and the entire trip actually.)
It's the most lethal racing circuit in the world. Nearly 38 miles of pure hurtle along a ribbon on narrow twisting village lanes,Cheap Soccer Cleats Australia, blind bends and sweeping mountain roads.
If you come off - and they do come off - chances are you'll hit a wall, house or tree at very high speed.
The consequences can be dreadful. More than 220 competitors have lost their lives chasing glory at the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. But what does it actually feel like to run a lap in racing conditions on this, the longest and most famous motorbike circuit?
Only one way to find out, unless you happen to be a racer. And that's to get on the back with one.
A fast lap while the roads are closed is a special privilege most people have to earn through years of practice, determination and putting lives on the line. This is, after all, hallowed ground.
So the invitation to ride a pillion lap with 11-times TT champion Phillip McCallen, to help celebrate Honda's 50 years of racing on the island, was an offer I couldn't refuse.
Only later, when I discovered the man charged with my welfare is known throughout racing as "Mad Phil" did I think to check my life insurance.
1: Get someone to measure your head. Watch the video for the exact place to measure, but this is critical. Then you can choose the right size lid with confidence.
2: When the helmet is on, the cheekpads should be making a good snug contact and pushing your cheeks up a bit.
3: Your eyeline should be in the centre of the opening to allow for good field of vision.
4: And there should be a decent gap between your eyebrows and the top of the aperture,Nike Air Max Australia.
5: Finally, make sure the fit is nice and neat at the back of the helmet so it's not going to roll off in a crash.
Have to say, I've tried on a few helmets since taking up biking,Air Jordan Shoes Online, but the Arai was in a league of its own. In fact it was so comfortable that I began to wonder if it wasn't a little too large - but it's not. It's perfect.
And because I have relatively narrow face, John was able to swap the cheek pads for a pair a centimetre thicker, ensuring a perfect fit.
He did all this, while he and his team gave lots of TLC to hundreds of helmets for bikers at the TT - a service Arai provide for free. So it's not just the top stars who get the five star treatment - it's nobbers like you and me.
After three days of anticipation, bad weather delays and crossed-fingers, I finally achieved what I'd come for: a flying lap on the closed roads of the famous 37.75 mile circuit, riding pillion on the back of 11-times TT champion Phillip McCallen.
I'll be posting on Friday morning how that went - together with some terrific video shot on board the Honda Fireblade, touching speeds of 155mph as Phillip performs magic on the Mountain Course.
It makes unmissable viewing for anyone interested in road racing. Though I have to say, it's not quite as good as the view you get perched above Phillip on the back of his 'Blade.
We were there with Honda,Isabel Marant Sneakers Sale, who this year celebrate 50 years of racing on the island.
And who better to go with? Honda have dominated racing on the island so far, with John McGuinness winning the first race of the TT (his 15th) to go clear second in the history books ahead of his hero Mike Hailwood.